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11 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Genetics: Shiskaberry ( Strawberry Cut) x (Gorilla Glue #4 x Polar Bear)
Sativa | Indica | Hybrid: 50/50 Hybrid
Yield: Large
Sex: Medium
Indoor | Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Plant Height: Medium

The mother Shiskaberry ( Strawberry Cut ) added her strong strawberry and peach scent to this cross.

Medium tall plant and good yielder. This strain produces dense buds with many leafs covered with trichomes with an intense fresh strawberry and peach scent with notes of fuel on the background, some phenotypes are ready in 56 days.

Smell: the smell in dry is same in green, change a little but inappreciable, strong strawberry and peach scent mix a thin fuel like gg#4, amazing, different and tasty. When you save the weed in the bottle the smell keep in your room by hours.

Flavor: In the mouth the flavor is amazing like the smell. sweet fruits and fuel keep in you mouth for long time.

High:  if you dont like strong effects this not is her strain, 1 gr of this strain have a great pleasurable trip to other galaxy, only 4 puffs you needs for understand this, strong mental effects with fast high keep for 1 hour o more and remain and body relax for hours, very medicinal effects keep very well the 50/50 feature.

A flight tor mars with stop in the moon.

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